About Us

The Cosmetic Ultralounge is the innovative and trend setting facial Cosmetic UltraLounge. Our high level of professionalism and ingenuity, along with our edgy style are attributes that position The Cosmetic Ultralounge as an icon in the world of cosmetology.

The current market offers a series of aesthetic services performed and promoted at a very basic level. The Cosmetic Ultralounge addresses market demand for services beyond the current offering.

The Cosmetic Ultralounge has taken eyebrow waxing and threading, and a variety of other facial services, to a leading edge level of execution. We are putting a new face forward in the collective industry, with a brand that is well themed, catchy, jaw dropping and innovative in every aspect.

Our futuristic design, premium decor and top tier trade tools position The Cosmetic Ultralounge as the pioneer of a new industry approach. Quality and innovation are core to our mission. From the very finest retail products, our personal custom television station, to our in house training and certification program, we approach every offering with great planning and integrity. We are constantly searching for ways to improve and stay ahead of the pack.

We are developing The Cosmetic Ultralounge into a franchise business. We understand the importance of a good plan and realistic expectations. As franchisors, we intend to deliver those key elements to our investors and our customers.

Part of the success of any business is directly related to its location and demographic. The Cosmetic Ultralounge is currently mall based, which provides the very best location and demographic to support solid growth for our unique business model. The strategic location of each The Cosmetic Ultralounge plays an intricate part in the development of our brand development and recognition.

What has truly been the focus of this plan we are executing is to give back. As a new business and while the public starts to identify with us, we understand how important it is to earn their trust and loyalty. The Cosmetic Ultralounge is heavily active in this arena; whether it’s in store promotions on products and services or our cross-promotional campaign sponsoring professional athletes. We understand how important it is to have a public presence and more importantly the respect and trust of the public.

As an economic crisis of sorts has fallen on us in the recent years we acknowledge the need to innovate and create. Unemployment and layoffs are up and wages are down; a grim forecast for some pessimistic thinkers. On the contrary we see these hard times as an ideal opportunity to grow this business. As more entrepreneurial people search for opportunities to cut their respective 9-5 ties, the idea of a “business in a box” seems very appealing.

We are building The Cosmetic Ultralounge in every aspect to be just that. Perfecting every detail, from protocol to product it is our mission to simplify duplicity and make it easy for a person with no cosmetology background to have the confidence that they can be successful with our model. After all, none of us did…  It’s about having a plan and the fortitude plus perseverance to see it through.