Hygiene Procedures

When people are at a salon they want to assure it is safe and sanitary.

The Cosmetic Ultralounge’s top priority is to provide you a clean and healthyenvironment.

We do not double-dip wax sticks because this causes a higher risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses.

The Cosmetic Ultralounge makes sure our service utensils are sanitized with a cleanser, called Barbicide, and rinsed to prevent transmittable diseases.

For threading services, The Cosmetic Ultralounge gives you peace of mind that we always use a new strand of thread for each client.

The Cosmetic Ultralounge cleans our service chairs and the entire salon to keep our clients in good health.

These are the reasons why The Cosmetic Ultralounge strives to provide a clean and professional environment.

Our Browstars seek every precaution to ensure your health, hygiene and safety.